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About Us

Learn About Innovative Health Insurance Advisors and their Motivation

We will be a partner that delivers tough advice and craft plans to ensure we are delivering results that our clients want, need and demand. Any friendship that comes from our hard work and honest approach is a byproduct of our commitment to our clients.

About Us - Innovative Health Insurance Advisors

Who We Are

Our values and hard work are our commitment to you and your company. We do business the old-fashioned way, the right way. Always put the needs and desires of our clients first with a visionary thought process for success. Our handshake still means something to us, and doing the best deal for the client is not always the best deal for us, but it is the only way we do business.

What We Do

The Innovative Health Insurance Advisors educate tomorrow’s business leaders, taking an entrepreneurial approach to health insurance with a creative and innovative thought process that starts an evolution of change to create a positive health insurance model for employers that allows them to regain control of their healthcare spend.

The Health Insurance Industry

U.S. healthcare spending has spiked to more than 17 percent of our gross domestic product and continues to increase, with no slowdown in sight. If this unaffordable trend continues, it will erode access to coverage/plans for American business owners as they will be priced out of the insurance market.

Health Insurance is a great working model for the Big Health Insurance Companies, but most of the time it is not the best for employers or their employees. Employers have no control of their cost, and their best outcome within the current model is their lowest price increase.

Insurance companies fundamentally do not have clinical or managerial expertise to create changes that the health insurance industry needs to improve quality and reduce costs.

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