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Safeguard Your Family’s Wellness This Back-to-School Season

School is back in session! As a parent, we’re sure you’re excited that the summer chaos, coordinating camps and activities, and simply having your children around 24/7 have ended! As you know, going back to school typically means your child gets sick more frequently. So, how can you safeguard your child and the rest of […]


Which Industries are Most Susceptible to ACA Penalties from the IRS?

While all organizations are susceptible to receiving IRS penalties, some industries are particularly vulnerable. These industries include home healthcare, staffing, restaurant, and construction industries. Why are these industries under fire from the IRS? Let’s take a look. These Industries Typically Have a High Number of Hourly Workers Home healthcare, staffing, restaurant, and construction industries have […]

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Telehealth: Can a Doctor Really Diagnose Over Zoom?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services, such as Zoom diagnoses, became a necessity. These phone and video calls help patients protect themselves and others by quarantining and remaining safely in their homes. However, after years of visiting healthcare professionals in person, many patients can’t help but ask the question: Can a doctor really diagnose over […]


ACA Penalty A and B Breakdown

All applicable large employers (ALEs) must comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which requires employers to offer minimum essential coverage to all employees. If an employer does not comply with this employee coverage requirement could lead to penalties for the employer and potentially an IRS audit. Below is a breakdown of ACA penalties A […]

Affordable Care Act vs. Obamacare: What’s the Difference?

Although you’ve likely heard of Obamacare, you may not know that Obamacare is synonymous with the Affordable Care Act. This healthcare law that passed in 2010 goes by a few different names. You may also see this law referenced as PPACA or ACA (the acronym for Affordable Care Act). Below, let’s discuss what Obamacare or […]

The Individual Mandate: What Employers Need to Know

The California Individual Mandate, originally signed into law in 2019, was a response to the federal individual mandate being struck down by the Trump administration.   This state law requires all California residents to obtain Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) for a minimum of nine months, or they may face a tax penalty unless exempt.   […]


Preventative Services Covered by Minor Medical

Minimum essential coverage is health insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act requirements. Employers have a requirement to offer at least Minimum Essential Coverage to any benefit-eligible employee. Non-compliance can result in a penalty of $214.17 PER eligible employee per month without coverage. At Innovative HIA, we aim to offer affordable, flexible, and compliant coverage […]