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Pros and Cons of COBRA vs. Private Health Insurance

When seeking out health insurance coverage past when it’s partially covered by your previous employer, how do you choose between picking COBRA or private health insurance? Both have pros and cons. The right choice, however, depends on your unique circumstances. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of COBRA vs. private health insurance. What is COBRA? […]

Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

Amid a global pandemic, the implementation of telemedicine has risen significantly over the last two years. Telemedicine can be a great way to communicate with your doctor in the safety of your own home. There are, however, pros and cons of telemedicine.    Virtual visits can be used to detect symptoms of COVID-19, fevers, rashes, […]


How to Promote Healthy Habits in Your Employees

Exercise Consistent exercise creates long-lasting health benefits. Promoting regular exercise improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, increases brain function, reduces cancer risk, lowers stress, improves sleep and so much more.  All of these come together to facilitate a more productive lifestyle and work environment because your team is more capable of managing their stress and responsibilities. […]

What Happens If Your Employee Misses Open Enrollment

There are strict deadlines for open enrollment each year. It opens nationally on November 1st, and closes on January 15th. Some states, such as New York and California, have extended deadlines through January 31st. Click here to see your state’s open enrollment period. During this period, people have the opportunity to enroll in healthcare coverage, or change […]

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Navigating Individual and Voluntary Benefits

Navigating the similarities and differences between individual and voluntary benefits can seem challenging. Which ones do your employees want? What can employees get from individual benefits that they can’t from voluntary? How can benefits attract and retain great talent?   Here is a list of the major similarities and differences between the two to help […]


There are laws in place to protect the privacy of patients and students. Continue reading to learn the difference between HIPAA and FERPA. What is HIPAA?  HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Under this federal law, patient health information is protected and kept secure unless the patient gives consent to […]


Understanding the Affordable Care Act Individual Mandate

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) implemented an individual mandate, also known as the “individual shared responsibility provision” that requires that most Americans have qualifying insurance.   Read more about what Minor Medical is and what it covers here.   Until 2018, those who did not prove themselves to have health insurance when filing taxes were […]

Pregnancy and Minimum Essential Coverage

Innovative HIA’s Minor Medical plan (also known as Minimum Essential Coverage) provides expecting mothers the resources to screen for potential risk factors that impact the mother and baby. Some conditions or complications that arise during pregnancy are not easily recognizable and may require screening and testing for a diagnosis. It’s important to routinely check on […]

1094/1095 PCORI Compliance: What You Need to Know

Businesses that provide health benefits for their employee workforce must submit the right forms proving that they offered the required benefits. Now that 1094/1095 filing is complete, it’s time to prepare for federally mandated annual PCORI fees. Are you prepared? Let’s discuss 1094, 1095, and PCORI compliance.  How Can Applicable Large Employers Stay Compliant?    […]