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How the Affordable Care Act survived the numerous attempts to be repealed during 2017 and what have changed.

With more than 15 failed attempts to repeal and/or replace the Affordable Care Act during 2017 which has resulted in no more clarity than before. The outcome after all this political posturing is just more fingers being pointed from both sides of the aisle saying that they can do it better. Easier said than done. There has been some clarity on a few items. Enforcement – Both employer mandate penalties are still in place are being enforces by IRS.

This enforcement is only the tip of the penalty iceberg since these penalties are only related to those employer that were not compliant in 2015. The individual mandate penalty which forces individuals for have insurance will still be part of the law, but it will have a $0.00 penalty enforcement. This may appear as a win for some, but as more and more states implement their owner individual mandate the win might be short sided. Finally, it appears that there might be some type of insurance break for smaller companies who join forces and develop an association health plans (AHP). Great idea that could have some real positive effect for small business owners but we are still waiting of final regulation ruling on the plans.

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